Saturday, August 3, 2013

A card with a remake

So, this Dear Lizzy Neopolitan pad I have is practically making cards by itself, these papers are so darn cute.

I put this one together, and was stash busting a bit with the yellow brad, rubon and yellow flower...then went scrap diving to make a third "thing" with those punched circles. But I adhered it to the card, and it looked like this:

It was okay, but I didn't really like it. Then I thought on it for a while, and decided the circles needed something with movement under I decided to experiment with some leftover crepe paper from my son's birthday party (talk about stash busting, right????) I tore off a length, folded it over four times, and stuck it in a punch. It worked perfectly. I think less layers and it would have just torn the crepe, instead of punching it.

Anyways, I crumpled them up, inked them a bit, pulled the circles off (along with a strip of the ice cream paper, sigh) and stuck it back down, making sure to cover the paper I just ripped up. These things don't happen to just me, right?!

Anyways, I like this card a lot better now. So much so, I'm okay sending it off to a new home. :)

I'm thinking I see many more creations with my two rolls of crepe paper in the future. At .79 a roll, that's a bargain, right?

What things have you repurposed for crafting? I'd love to hear about them!!

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