Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A fun collection for a super fun memory

We took a trip to San Francisco a few years ago, and I have had so much fun reliving the trip by scrapping the photos here and there. I don't scrapbook chronologically, rather I just grab the photos I want and tell the story that I want to tell. But, I do file my pages in order in albums, which makes the 3 ring binders pretty handy.
Anyways, I digress. One of the really fun things we did on the trip was visit Musee Mercanique, which is a collection of coin operated machines from years gone by, and the best part is, you get to play with them all!!! The collection is quite extensive, and it was a blast to look at American history right there. These would be the types of machines that would have travelled with fairs, or have been in bigger cities. Remember the fortune teller machine from the Tom Hanks movie "Big"? They had one of those! And many older machines too, like the one where you grip and it ranks your love, or the one where you squeeze the handle and it says how strong you are.

My husband and I love old things, so we had fun playing at the museum. I wanted to find paper/product that conveyed the fun-ness of the memory, as well as the energy, excitement, and almost overwhelming atmosphere of colors, music, and things to see. So, I ended up cutting in to Dilly Dallyfrom My Minds Eye. While some of the papers are more fair themed, the overall energy of this collection was a good match for the photos and story. Of course, I had that thought of "do I really want to cut into these papers?" But, it is a personal goal of mine to cut into each collection pack I have (which is maybe about 8 or 10). It seems once I make that first cut, then I feel so much freer to cut into the rest and just enjoy!! And what is the point of having this fun and pretty paper if I don't play with it and let it live on my pages, right?!

I really had fun stamping the various tickets and layering them to the right of my photo, and I used a reeeeeeally old product on this page...magic mesh. Still trying to use that stuff up (I bought a little sandwich baggie full of it at a scrapbook garage sale eons ago). I like the dimension it gives, and wonder if I will replace it with drywall tape when I finally polish off the last of the magic mesh? Who knows.

I also included a picture of the corresponding pocket page...not because it's really anything exciting, but because I'm rather fond of the journaling spot I created with some scraps.

And speaking of stash busting, I used eight, count them-EIGHT-of my gorgeous enamel brads. I previously would have rationed them, but you know what, I have about six or seven packages of pretty brads...and they look better on my pages then in a dark drawer being stored, right? They will make more. :) 

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