Friday, August 12, 2011

Gussied up for sure!

So I bought some shoes recently for a wedding I'm in. And, because I'm totally thrifty, I want to be able to wear the shoes beyond the wedding with other things. So, I sought out (and found) a pair of nude colored, stacked, open toed-pumps. They're even Steve Madden. Yessssssss.

The problem? They're pretty basic, and in my opinion, not quite so worthy of wedding wear. What to do? Oh, let's revisit a trend of the 80's-a trend I may single-handedly try and bring back-wait for it...the SHOE CLIP!!!  Witness below:

Now, I didn't make everything you see here. I started with the aqua (top) flower from Hobby Lobby in the 'wearable art' section. It came with a clip & pin on the back, which I pried off. I then cut a four-petal piece from some cream colored tulle, sewed this (to get that scrunched up look). Then, I cut 8 flowers from the blue organza, sewed them using the pinch method, then rubbed them around in my hands to get the delightful frayed look. I believe the word that came out of my mouth was "yummy".  I glued it all, in layers, to a clip which I will then clip to my shoes. I can even take it off and clip it to my flip flops later in the evening, remaining matchy-matchy with my dress.

I believe every crafting adventure usually offers a chance to learn, and this was no different. Lesson one-while I can't attest to the difference between the lo-temp & hi-temp hot glue gun, I can vouch for the fact that the glue that comes out of the high-temp glue gun is in fact-HOT. Yup, stuck my thumb right in it on the first flower. Not sure what I was thinking. And the word that came out of my mouth that time was not "yummy".

Lesson two-eyeballing it is sooooooo much better than trying to get things spot on. I like the flower I eyeballed better than the one that I tried to precisely measure. "C'est la vie"

What crafting lessons have you learned?

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