Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ticket to Freedom

I'm nearing the end of my St. Kitt's album, and thought about "what stories haven't I told yet?" And as I was digging through pictures, I came across Ben's St. Kitt's driver's license. I hadn't told the taxi story yet, which is something we still joke about, years later.

We ended up being held captive in a taxi while it drove from one end of the island to the other, all the while the driver pretending he didn't know where our hotel was. It's a 34 mile island, and it's the only large, national hotel. Everyone knows where it is.  The next day, we saw the driver's wife, who was in the cab the whole time...she worked at the hotel.

The title was cut with my Bosskut Gazelle. Have I mentioned yet just how much I love my gazelle?
Ben's driver's license became our ticket to freedom, we could rent a little car, and with some practice of driving on the wrong side of the road, go anywhere we pleased.

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