Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of the women out there that are Mother's, will be Mother's, or have chosen to take on a Mother role in someones life. 

For Mother's Day I made this little box for my Mom. It was supposed to be a fairly simple project, the design is from  There was a recent update that was supposed to allow importing these types of files right into the software that the Gazelle uses.  The idea was cut it out, glue it together, done! Sometimes, things are just not that easy. Anyways, the kind folks over at Bosskut helped me get the Eiffel tower ready for cutting, but I was on my own for the box!!  If nothing else, crafting has taught me to be flexible, creative, and use what you have.  Oh, and perseverance, let's not forget that important ingredient.

The pink bakers twine (called Blossom, actually) is from Scrap2It, she has an entire bowl full of bright, cheery colors. The pearl was originally white, and I tinted it with some pink ink, which made me think "why don't I have any pink pearls"? The netting is repurposed from something else-I don't even remember what it came on-a mop maybe, but I grabbed it and added it to my stash. I cut a square and shoved it underneath the Eiffel tower-everything just looked too linear, and the netting breaks it up a bit and adds some whimsy and movement.  It's not glued, so it can easily be taken out. 

The inside of the box holds a little surprise for mama!!

I hope you have someone to celebrate today, whether is you, your Mom, or just a lovely lady in your life.

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