Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gettin my scrap on!

I'm not what you would call a quick scrapper by any means. I enjoy the process of creating, even if it takes a long time to put a page together. So imagine my surprise when I put not one, but two pages together in less than 10 minutes recently. Okay, so maybe my stuff wasn't glued down yet, and I added one more embellishment to one page later, but really, they were done. What do I attribute this recent creative frenzy to? Well, I had just purchased a package of patterned paper on closeout at Ross (score!!!), and it was sitting on my desk next to the photos I wanted to scrap...and before you know it, the pictures just jumped on the pages. Really.
Now, these pages are simple, I didn't even mat the photos, but I didn't need to. They just blended right in with the rest of the page, and I love them.
These photos were taken right before we left the hotel to come home. The brown netting originally held some cinnamon pine cones, and was destined for the trash before I saved it for projects. I have been using netting and tulle on my projects for almost 6 months, and now see it's getting popular on pages. I tend to be a little ahead of my time fashion wise, but now on my projects? Very cool. Until the product you want doesn't exist yet (happens frequently in fashion), then it's not so cool.

Also included on the page is a faux peacock feather, just to lend some whimsy and movement to the page, as well as some ephemera in the form of the Cuban cigar box wrapper. One of us may, or may not have smoked a Cuban cigar while in St. Kitts. :)

I'll show the other page soon, it's one of my most favorite pages I've done in a long time. And it took about 3 minutes. Gotta love it when that happens. Until next time.

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