Sunday, March 27, 2011

Something borrowed, something blue...

Remember a while back where I talked about my BFF getting married? I made this project for her to help with all of the wedding planning. Well, we had the bridal shower this weekend, which was a lovely tea party theme. I cried while helping to plan it, cried during the party, and now I really am terrified I'll cry through the whole ceremony. All happy tears that my dearest friend Elizabeth and friend Bryce have found eachother, and are making the commitment to spend the rest of their lives together. Their love is so sweet, so selfless, you just can't help but shed a few happy tears!

I made this for her wedding shower card, with my new and most favorite toy ever...the Bosskut Gazelle! Yes it's pink, and may resemble a Barbie tanning bed, (I like pink, loved Barbie, so no problems here), but this thing is incredible. My husband did the sweetest thing for me, and told me to get a die cutting machine with his very first paycheck from his new job. My jaw dropped, I cried, I felt like a spoiled princess. I could never have imaged spending that money on something for myself, and here my husband was, wanting to treat me to it. I never doubted it for a moment, but this man is a keeper. 

Anyways, I cut the card and layers out (there's a layer on the back too, but I forgot to take a photo before it went to it's new home. Shame on me), then added some ink (of course) and ribbon, pearls, and a blingy crystal. I knew the top needed something, and decided a ribbon bow would look gorgeous. I was also concerned that the perforated top of the cake would tear off pretty easily, so I threaded the ribbon through the front and back to solve that problem. The ribbon on top is from Escentuals in Fort Collins and is hand dyed, the pearls (which are my most favorite pearls EVER) are Kaiserkraft, and purchased at Scrap2it in Fort Collins (love you Ranea!!). The trim at the bottom came from my dear sister-in-law to be Kate, it was part of my Christmas gift and I almost cried, the gift was so very thoughtful. I have quit a bit left, so I look forward to using it on other projects as well, but it was just meant for the bottom of the cake. 

I did restrain myself from roughing up the edges on the cake, I thought it just didn't feel right for a bridal shower when everything is about fresh love. But I did ink it up, to give it an older feeling. It fit right in with some precious hand me down gifts the lovely bride received. 

Okay, that's all for now, I promise to pop back in with some other projects and layouts I've made. I've just been having fun playing, and honestly, enjoying creating is what it's all about, right? 

Thanks so much for reading, I would love to hear any wedding/shower stories you have, or see any projects you've made!

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