Friday, January 14, 2011

Showing off some Christmas goodies

Allrighty, I think I am IN THE CLEAR to show some of the stuff I made for Christmas! Here are two clutches that I made for some special ladies in my life:

LOVE the vintage button, it really added some pizazz!

This was my first rounded top (vs. the straight edge above)

Some pleated vintage lace
These were really pretty easy to make as long as I remembered to get the steps in proper order! I want to tackle a larger version as I have some really delicious charcoal grey fabric and would love to make a purse! I also want to look at some magnetic closures, as I'm not the biggest fan of velcro-but it does seem more practical than just a button closure.

Anyways, I have more to share as soon as I perform the magical task of getting the pictures from my camera, to my computer, onto the blog. I guess it goes back to following steps in proper order... :) 

I would love to see or hear about things you made, for the holidays or just because!

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