Friday, August 12, 2011

Gussied up for sure!

So I bought some shoes recently for a wedding I'm in. And, because I'm totally thrifty, I want to be able to wear the shoes beyond the wedding with other things. So, I sought out (and found) a pair of nude colored, stacked, open toed-pumps. They're even Steve Madden. Yessssssss.

The problem? They're pretty basic, and in my opinion, not quite so worthy of wedding wear. What to do? Oh, let's revisit a trend of the 80's-a trend I may single-handedly try and bring back-wait for it...the SHOE CLIP!!!  Witness below:

Now, I didn't make everything you see here. I started with the aqua (top) flower from Hobby Lobby in the 'wearable art' section. It came with a clip & pin on the back, which I pried off. I then cut a four-petal piece from some cream colored tulle, sewed this (to get that scrunched up look). Then, I cut 8 flowers from the blue organza, sewed them using the pinch method, then rubbed them around in my hands to get the delightful frayed look. I believe the word that came out of my mouth was "yummy".  I glued it all, in layers, to a clip which I will then clip to my shoes. I can even take it off and clip it to my flip flops later in the evening, remaining matchy-matchy with my dress.

I believe every crafting adventure usually offers a chance to learn, and this was no different. Lesson one-while I can't attest to the difference between the lo-temp & hi-temp hot glue gun, I can vouch for the fact that the glue that comes out of the high-temp glue gun is in fact-HOT. Yup, stuck my thumb right in it on the first flower. Not sure what I was thinking. And the word that came out of my mouth that time was not "yummy".

Lesson two-eyeballing it is sooooooo much better than trying to get things spot on. I like the flower I eyeballed better than the one that I tried to precisely measure. "C'est la vie"

What crafting lessons have you learned?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

One thing leads to another

Because of my Library of Memories class, I am learning Photoshop Elements. Yes, it's a cause and effect sort of relationship, but one that I'm pretty happy about. Oh, don't get me wrong, I still get a bit frustrated and need to iron out the kinks. But learning Photoshop is kind of a relief. See, I requested (and received) Photoshop 8 for Christmas a few years back, thinking it would help transform my photos. Oh, let's be honest here, I wanted to be able to make myself thinner in my photos and erase any unsightly blemishes. And while I was at it, add a tan and whiten my teeth. You know, just enhance a bit.

I expected PSE to come with an instructional booklet. Silly me. Then I thought, oh, the instructions must be part of the software? Again, wrong. Now, I don't consider myself a techno whiz by any means, but I'm fairly proficient at getting things done. But PSE is anything but easy to use, it's not intuitive, which equals a pretty large learning curve.

Fast forward a few years to Stacy Julian's Library of Memories class, and whala...I am now forced to learn PSE to set up smart folders to better organize-and more importantly-access-my treasured photos. I have found a great book-Photoshop Elements 8 Classroom in a Book-to help me. It comes with a CD so you can practice what you're learning-totally genius!! I borrowed it from my library, but think I'll purchase it so I can perform future edits to my pictures (read again: thinner, tanner, more beautiful version of me...).

I look forward to getting better at this organizing stuff so I can get back to-what else-CREATING!! I have a few more St. Kitt's layouts to show, but I need to take photos first. Oh, and I have some shoes that need gussied up too, if I get around to actually doing them I promise I'll share.

What processes have you put into place to help continue your creative mojo?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day, and what a beautiful day it is!! I can't wait to go hug my Dad, and take today to celebrate him!
Meet Patrick. He's this cute little curious guy I picked up recently. Isn't he awesome! He's great for holding stuff, and just in general hanging around looking neat.

Here's the simple little card I made for my Dad, cards for men are a little tricky for me, because I feel compelled to abstain from bling, flowers, and all things glittery and otherwise girly. Hmmm, let's throw some burlap on there instead!

Hope you are out enjoying this most beautiful day!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A beautiful card for a beautiful lady

I haven't shared the Mother's Day card I made for my mother-in-law yet. Partly because it wasn't finished on time...yeah, life is super busy out of control.  Anyway, I went to a stamping show a while back, and was overwhelmed. As in mouth gaping open, wandering with a lost look type of overwhelmed. There was simply so much stuff to look at, so many vendors, so little crafty budget and storage space in comparison to all of the neat things that I'm sure I would use someday...

But, I did bring a few things home! Mainly from independent stamp companies that aren't in stores in my area, and I thought this might be a now or never chance to purchase these stamps!

I have been waiting to use this stamp on a card for my mother-in-law. She is a glamorous, beautiful woman, and this stamp just reminds me of her.  The stamp is called "Carol" from Rubbernecker stamps.

I used chalk to color in the image (no copics here, although I'm sure you could do some fabulous things with them on this stamp), and glued some feathers behind the fussy cut image. I also stitched on my card, and loved the result. *Hint-if you're going to stitch on your card/page, make sure you're not stitching through any adhesive. Your sewing machine will thank you.*

The little bead type things on the left hand side of the card are dew drops, picked up from a Rocky Mountain Memories in Estes Park. If you get the chance, it's a great store, and full of fresh new things.

I so enjoy making things for people in my life!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ticket to Freedom

I'm nearing the end of my St. Kitt's album, and thought about "what stories haven't I told yet?" And as I was digging through pictures, I came across Ben's St. Kitt's driver's license. I hadn't told the taxi story yet, which is something we still joke about, years later.

We ended up being held captive in a taxi while it drove from one end of the island to the other, all the while the driver pretending he didn't know where our hotel was. It's a 34 mile island, and it's the only large, national hotel. Everyone knows where it is.  The next day, we saw the driver's wife, who was in the cab the whole time...she worked at the hotel.

The title was cut with my Bosskut Gazelle. Have I mentioned yet just how much I love my gazelle?
Ben's driver's license became our ticket to freedom, we could rent a little car, and with some practice of driving on the wrong side of the road, go anywhere we pleased.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Big Picture Classes

Sometimes I'm a big, fat weenie. Yup, sometimes I get scared of things. Any typically, not the things I should be scared of, but silly things. Like, taking a scrapbooking class. Really, that's frightening to me? Oh yes, yes it is.

I've heard a lot about Stacy Julian's Library of Memories/Photo Freedom class (from Big Picture Classes), and a recent Paperclipping episode convinced me I have to take this class. You see, I started scrapbooking as a way to preserve my family's memories. I don't feel like I have a lot of family history and stories, so the memories I do have, I feel they're so important to preserve. That's a lot of what this class is about-telling stories. It's about finding a way to organize all of the thousands of photos we take with digital cameras, and figuring out how much is enough when it comes to telling stories. Because, let's face it-I will never have enough time, energy, or adhesive to scrap every single photo I've taken. Which is probably a relief to my husband, because otherwise our house would be overrun with albums. Like hoarders, but with albums and paper and photos everywhere. Yes, really.

So, I'm embarking on this adventure and opening myself up to learning a process and better way to organize and share stories. I have a feeling that the time I invest in this will be paid back many, many times over with the sweet reward of identifying and being able to tell the really important stories. Because to me, that's what it's about.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A happy little hello

I was visiting with a neighbor recently, and he shared with me how busy his life has gotten, assuming all of the daily tasks his wife used to do. She has been down and out with some health issues, and he said "I was telling the ol' boys just how much you gals do!" He was referring to cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. 

As I continued with my evening, my heart was full of prayer for our neighbors, that she would experience some hope and recovery. I also decided to make a little cheer up card for them, and deliver it with something freshly baked.

Sometimes, just knowing somebody was thinking of you is enough to shine a little brightness into your day.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of the women out there that are Mother's, will be Mother's, or have chosen to take on a Mother role in someones life. 

For Mother's Day I made this little box for my Mom. It was supposed to be a fairly simple project, the design is from  There was a recent update that was supposed to allow importing these types of files right into the software that the Gazelle uses.  The idea was cut it out, glue it together, done! Sometimes, things are just not that easy. Anyways, the kind folks over at Bosskut helped me get the Eiffel tower ready for cutting, but I was on my own for the box!!  If nothing else, crafting has taught me to be flexible, creative, and use what you have.  Oh, and perseverance, let's not forget that important ingredient.

The pink bakers twine (called Blossom, actually) is from Scrap2It, she has an entire bowl full of bright, cheery colors. The pearl was originally white, and I tinted it with some pink ink, which made me think "why don't I have any pink pearls"? The netting is repurposed from something else-I don't even remember what it came on-a mop maybe, but I grabbed it and added it to my stash. I cut a square and shoved it underneath the Eiffel tower-everything just looked too linear, and the netting breaks it up a bit and adds some whimsy and movement.  It's not glued, so it can easily be taken out. 

The inside of the box holds a little surprise for mama!!

I hope you have someone to celebrate today, whether is you, your Mom, or just a lovely lady in your life.

Monday, April 18, 2011

My simple yet favorite page

This is part deux of "gettin my scrap on".  This page literally took minutes. I guess if you count the number of items on the page, it would almost be a minute per item.  Said that way, it should have come together even more quickly!!! I was shuffling through my new paper, seeing if something fit this photo, came across this page, and the layout was born.
I almost didn't add anything else because I love the "white space" on the page, but opted for a few more things.
 As this will be the closing page in my St. Kitt's album (only 2 more pages left to go...), I opted to include some brief journaling. The little journaling stamp I purchased from Scrap2it recently, and I just knew it would come in handy!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gettin my scrap on!

I'm not what you would call a quick scrapper by any means. I enjoy the process of creating, even if it takes a long time to put a page together. So imagine my surprise when I put not one, but two pages together in less than 10 minutes recently. Okay, so maybe my stuff wasn't glued down yet, and I added one more embellishment to one page later, but really, they were done. What do I attribute this recent creative frenzy to? Well, I had just purchased a package of patterned paper on closeout at Ross (score!!!), and it was sitting on my desk next to the photos I wanted to scrap...and before you know it, the pictures just jumped on the pages. Really.
Now, these pages are simple, I didn't even mat the photos, but I didn't need to. They just blended right in with the rest of the page, and I love them.
These photos were taken right before we left the hotel to come home. The brown netting originally held some cinnamon pine cones, and was destined for the trash before I saved it for projects. I have been using netting and tulle on my projects for almost 6 months, and now see it's getting popular on pages. I tend to be a little ahead of my time fashion wise, but now on my projects? Very cool. Until the product you want doesn't exist yet (happens frequently in fashion), then it's not so cool.

Also included on the page is a faux peacock feather, just to lend some whimsy and movement to the page, as well as some ephemera in the form of the Cuban cigar box wrapper. One of us may, or may not have smoked a Cuban cigar while in St. Kitts. :)

I'll show the other page soon, it's one of my most favorite pages I've done in a long time. And it took about 3 minutes. Gotta love it when that happens. Until next time.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

wildlife photos

So I'm nearing the end of my St. Kitts album, and made this page about the local animals we saw.
The paper is from a kit I bought for the St. Kitts album, and I used some delicious 7Gypsies sticky tape to make the flower. I die cut my title from scrap paper in the kit, and love the bright colors. I also added the green flourishes (also die cut), as everything was looking too linear.
My favorite photo is the lizard, I snapped this picture while we were sitting outside of Caribelle Batik on the little porch. Only a few more pages to go!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Something borrowed, something blue...

Remember a while back where I talked about my BFF getting married? I made this project for her to help with all of the wedding planning. Well, we had the bridal shower this weekend, which was a lovely tea party theme. I cried while helping to plan it, cried during the party, and now I really am terrified I'll cry through the whole ceremony. All happy tears that my dearest friend Elizabeth and friend Bryce have found eachother, and are making the commitment to spend the rest of their lives together. Their love is so sweet, so selfless, you just can't help but shed a few happy tears!

I made this for her wedding shower card, with my new and most favorite toy ever...the Bosskut Gazelle! Yes it's pink, and may resemble a Barbie tanning bed, (I like pink, loved Barbie, so no problems here), but this thing is incredible. My husband did the sweetest thing for me, and told me to get a die cutting machine with his very first paycheck from his new job. My jaw dropped, I cried, I felt like a spoiled princess. I could never have imaged spending that money on something for myself, and here my husband was, wanting to treat me to it. I never doubted it for a moment, but this man is a keeper. 

Anyways, I cut the card and layers out (there's a layer on the back too, but I forgot to take a photo before it went to it's new home. Shame on me), then added some ink (of course) and ribbon, pearls, and a blingy crystal. I knew the top needed something, and decided a ribbon bow would look gorgeous. I was also concerned that the perforated top of the cake would tear off pretty easily, so I threaded the ribbon through the front and back to solve that problem. The ribbon on top is from Escentuals in Fort Collins and is hand dyed, the pearls (which are my most favorite pearls EVER) are Kaiserkraft, and purchased at Scrap2it in Fort Collins (love you Ranea!!). The trim at the bottom came from my dear sister-in-law to be Kate, it was part of my Christmas gift and I almost cried, the gift was so very thoughtful. I have quit a bit left, so I look forward to using it on other projects as well, but it was just meant for the bottom of the cake. 

I did restrain myself from roughing up the edges on the cake, I thought it just didn't feel right for a bridal shower when everything is about fresh love. But I did ink it up, to give it an older feeling. It fit right in with some precious hand me down gifts the lovely bride received. 

Okay, that's all for now, I promise to pop back in with some other projects and layouts I've made. I've just been having fun playing, and honestly, enjoying creating is what it's all about, right? 

Thanks so much for reading, I would love to hear any wedding/shower stories you have, or see any projects you've made!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A few more clutches

So here are a few more clutches that I made for Christmas gifts. I love the bright colors, and the buttons-I'm all about the buttons. 
I layered three vintage buttons on this one. I had a hard time parting with those buttons, but they went to a good home!

I layered two buttons, and loved the dimension it created.

I also made a journal for my brother Brian (hence the B on the front). The B wasn't the right color, so I inked it up, and covered it in a thick layer of glossy accents.

I have been working to reorganize my stash-more by color rather than product type except for journaling stuff, and boy is that a lot of work! Luckily the glass containers I needed for some of my larger colors (brown, green, blue) were 50% off at Hobby Lobby this week. Oh Hobby Lobby, how I love thee.  Anyways, almost have everything put back together, and I already love having things sorted by color...I feel so unlimited in my creativity!

I would love to see some of your creations, or hear how you sort your supplies.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

wedding card

A friend of mine, whom I admire so much, recently got married-and here's her card! It was inspired by her wedding colors-aren't those so fresh! Of course I LOVE the yellow, but it so popped with the grey. Yes, in the spirit of all things tissue tape-and Tim Holtz really, it's got some on there, along with distress ink (of course!!) I layered the inks on my stamp, and loved how it came out mottled and very old looking. But really, I can't get over the grey and yellow. I mean, I could decorate a whole room in my house in those colors!!

Happy wedding and lifetime together Becky and Josh!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Relax, Refresh, Rewind

Another of my homemade gifts involved soaking in the tub. Well, not me, the gift recipient! True to my nature of giving things a new purpose, I used champagne bottles and gave them my own custom distressed label. I completed the look with a tied a tag describing the contents, added a few charms, filled them up with the soaking salts, and we were set.

This was also the season I discovered/fell in love with tissue tape, and it made an appearance on each bottle.

mini champagne bottle-so cute!

Isn't that tissue tape flower yummy! Thank you Tim Holtz.

Upcycled front door key from my office building
How have you given something new life?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Showing off some Christmas goodies

Allrighty, I think I am IN THE CLEAR to show some of the stuff I made for Christmas! Here are two clutches that I made for some special ladies in my life:

LOVE the vintage button, it really added some pizazz!

This was my first rounded top (vs. the straight edge above)

Some pleated vintage lace
These were really pretty easy to make as long as I remembered to get the steps in proper order! I want to tackle a larger version as I have some really delicious charcoal grey fabric and would love to make a purse! I also want to look at some magnetic closures, as I'm not the biggest fan of velcro-but it does seem more practical than just a button closure.

Anyways, I have more to share as soon as I perform the magical task of getting the pictures from my camera, to my computer, onto the blog. I guess it goes back to following steps in proper order... :) 

I would love to see or hear about things you made, for the holidays or just because!