Monday, December 13, 2010

A December birthday

Today is the birthday of someone very near and dear to my heart-my Mom Lorie. One of her gifties (aside from Sarah Palin's newest book) was a purse hanging hook, in the deliciously paired colors of chartreuse and raspberry. So, that color combo inspired her birthday card. Take a peek...

My script stamp may be one of my favorites, so versatile

LOVE the pink tulle flower (upcycled from a bridal show package)

Tissue tape-inkable AND re-sticky. Need I say more??
This card also features my most favorite new product, tissue tape. Have I mentioned yet how much I love tissue tape? I also found that huge, gorgeous sparkler (in a 4-pack) at the dollar bin at Michael's. I LOVE the dollar bin at Michael's, and stocked up on a few different varieties of these. The sparkler is a grey/platinum color, so unusual and very matchy-matchy with my color scheme.  I also took a cue from Tim Holtz's 12-days of Christmas, and hammered the heck out of my brads once they were set. I think I just fell in love with brads all over again too...(settle down honey, I said brads, not BRAD. No, I don't even know a Brad...)
That's it for me, I've got a few more things to show before the end of the year, so stay tuned!

I'd love to hear what the season is inspiring you to create!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A bit of fall, and moving on to Christmas

So, I have a blogging dilemma. I am making almost all of our Christmas gifts this year, which I had already planned on and squirreled away supplies as they were on sale...but now VERY happy I had this foresight as our family income has been significantly reduced. When I make something with my hands, I put myself into it, and put myself out there giving it to someone. I think of them as I create, they inspire their gift, and I hope they love it. In all fairness, some people are just not into homemade, and I don't force my creations upon those people. And men-they are hard to create for too.

Anyways, I want so badly to share my ideas and creations...but if I do, I'll be spoiling the Christmas surprise for my family. So...I may be a bit absent until after Christmas.

To hold you over, here are a few Thanksgiving cards I created to distract my family in case I overcooked the turkey, and my leaf garland along with some quick covered votives I whipped up (didn't happen, turkey was fine, and the cards were a nice thank-you for them being my Thanksgiving guinea pigs).

I used black glitter embossing powder, lovely!

I love the texture of this card, it might be my favorite from the series.

Love the variation of color, and texture was amped up with clear embossing powder on the leaves

Here's wishing you and yours a season filled with peace, love, and celebration of the things that are truly important and precious.