Sunday, November 14, 2010

Making stuff...from stuff

I know, rather articulate, huh?!  I made this fun card for my in-laws for Thanksgiving, they won't be with us on the actual day so I wanted to make sure they had something from us reminding them how thankful we are for THEM!! This card features some fun repurposed items, such as a shoelace from my husband's boot, black ribbon cut out from the shoulder hanger staps in a dress, and netting from some cinnamon pine cones (mmmm, cinnamon). All items were literally plucked out of the trash (no goobers on them, I promise).  The leaves are leftovers from my leaf garland, would you say the book is repurposed too? I suppose I saved that from the trash where it was destined to end up.  And isn't that jeweled, gaudy brad just fabulous? I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate that into some clothing or jewelry, it's so cool! 

If I had to describe the style of this card, I would say it was e¢ocrafting. (That was my inner nerd escaping for a moment.)

So, what have you repurposed in your crafting adventures? I would love to hear about it!!

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  1. How exciting! The card that graces my fridge, months after receiving it and carrying it across the world and back is on the web for all to see. It is too beautiful to trash and it means to much to put up and save in a scrapbook, and rather, it must be visiable in order to remind me of the precious hands that made it.

    Words cannot explain how much this care meant while traveling to Ghana, Africa during Thanksgiving and not being with local family. Yes, we shared a dinner with saints from across the world and that was an honor, but a section of my heart was with son's, daughter in-law (s) (soon another one) and mother and step father. When by myself, I had to take and hold this card close to my heart and give thanks to my Savior for being loved by Him and the precious soul that took more time than I could devote to a special 'love' gift.

    In time, this card will join the others, in a special box to keep and cherish for many years. I am glad others can view it via the web.