Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall decor

So, you probably already know this, but fall is my very favorite season-and I have almost as many fall decorations as I do Christmas-except for a tree of course. No fall tree at our house. Well, I came across a post on a fall leaf garland over at Ticklish Moose (seriously, check hers out, she has some great variations on her site and more "how to's"), and knew I wanted to make one too! I loved the depth of color and the beading on her garland, and went for it, with some changes (of course).

Because I'm all about using what I have on-hand, I improvised with my garland, using my leaf punch that I had (which meant my leaves were smaller), and pulled apart two fall picks (that were purchased at 50% off of course!!), and used cut apart paper clips for the interior veins on my leaves. I also varied the ink on my leaves, some I wanted lighter, some more red, and love the variation. I tore a few pages out of a book purchased for .10 at the Friends of the Library sale-as much as it pains me to tear apart a book, I don't think anyone had any interest in reading this book had sat on the sale rack for months, and is deliciously yellow/brownish, so lots of good texture to start with! 

Sadly, since I have no mantle (not to mention fireplace), I created my garland to be used on a tabletop, so I strung my leaves on floral wire so that it would have a lot of dimension when sitting on a table/hutch.

I started this project on a weekend trip to Southern Colorado, set the eyelets with my fabulous new Crop-a-Dile on the way home from camping (this was the only time my fingers were thawed out enough to function), and strung it up and added the beads from the picks this past weekend. 

I love the result, but here was the test: my husband loves it too! He's anti-crafting when it comes to home decor, but he really got into the leaf garland.

So, what has the season inspired in you?

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  1. Your garland turned out REALLY cute! My husband is also anti-craft with decorating (don't even whisper the words *shabby chic* around him!), but he was cool with this as well. I'm so happy to get to see how cute your project turned out, and happy to be the inspiration. Join us @ Blog Frog or Mommy Bloggers.....there are some great ladies there :)