Thursday, September 2, 2010

One month...and counting!

One month ago, Kiss of Whimsy was launched. During this time I have learned...a lot. Everything from the technical aspect of running an Etsy store and blog to promoting my creative works (when sometimes I'm shy about them to begin with), it has all been a whole different experience.

In honor of this first month, I thought I would share a project with you that really kicked this whole thing off. I created some tags as part of a raffle for one of my favorite non-profits ( I was in charge of the whole wine display (do I have photos you ask? No, sadly I don't). But I do have photos of the tags I created. I initially made three versions, varying the background script, to see which one I liked best-and found that I really liked all three versions! So, out of the 75 tags I made, I split them equally amongst the three versions, and got inky. I mean, my fingers were literally stained for days...I was a little embarrassed to shake people's hands in my day job, but oh well. It's all for charity, right?

Copper script
Plumeria script

Gold script

Tag (with gold script) on a bottle of yummy Vintages wine

Back of tags (blank and with options)
My favorites are actually the tags with the plumeria (reddish) ink, but I thought if these were around the necks of all of the wine bottles, it sent a subtle message that all of the wine was red the gold and copper were a nice mix. On the back went some clear Avery office labels, printed with the name of who donated the wine, a value, and in some cases a description of the wine. At the event I talked to a local store owner (her store is LOVELY), and she admitted she had touched every single one of the wine tags (that's a good sign, right??). Then she found out I had created them. :) 

For this photo shoot, a local shop named Vintages lent me some of their bottles to display the tags on. Vintages is such a unique place, you can blend (or not blend) your own wines, they bottle it for you, and you can even choose your own custom labels! They had some really neat ones for weddings that I eyeballed while they were preparing my bottles. Vintages also supports many local charities, so all the better-a fully invested member of the community!

How have charitable works inspired your creations? I would love to see what you have come up with!

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