Monday, August 9, 2010


What inspires you-both in life and to create? I am often inspired to create something for an occasion-a loved one's birthday, a holiday, or sometimes just because someone needs something lovely and handmade.  Sometimes though, colors or a scene just moves me. Recently we went to the local fair, and after walking through the exhibits of canning, home grown flowers and vegetables, beautiful cakes, and hand sewn items-I felt so nostalgic and old-fashioned! We sauntered down to the carnival, watching children anticipate their turn on the ferris wheel or upside down ride, and I saw this ride:
I couldn't quite capture it accurately on film, but the glow of the lights was a yellowish white, with an robins egg blue, and it was just lovely. Look for something in these colors coming soon!

On to some fun projects-here is a little card that I created, mostly from the sheer need to create something.  It seems like lately, I've been doing everything BUT creating...can you tell I was feeling colorful and happy? I used a bit of vintage lace, and experimented with distressing the brads (did I mention I like distressing and ink?!) I roughed them up with my sanding block, then dabbed them with some black ink, let it dry for a bit, then wiped most of it off. The effect is a used-looking brad in the middle of my hand cut flowers (another experiment, and I like it!), it gives them a very homespun feel. I loved the punch of purple in this card, it was just meant to be.

How about you? What inspires you, and what have you created? I would love to see what you're working on, and hear how it all began...because every creation has it's own story, doesn't it?

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