Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Mistakes

Do you sometimes ever goof up, and the end result is not only livable, but actually pretty darn cool? This happened to me recently when scrapping a page from a vacation album I'm working on. I was playing around with a quote sticker, and thought "hmmm, wonder what it would look like on this photo" when it happened...the sticker and the photo gravitated towards each other, like they were meant to be...and my sticker got stuck on my photo. I thought they were both ruined. Turns out, I could peel the sticker off of the photo, but it looked good-no, it looked great-so there it remained.

The rest of the page came together from this photo. I don't usually have just one photo on a page...if I did that I'd have scrapbooks coming out of my ears, but this photo just begged for it's own page. I wanted to recreate the serene, peaceful feeling of gathering seashells on the shore of St. Kitts, the memory is so lovely...

What happy mistakes have you made?

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