Monday, August 16, 2010

Birthdays, and more birthdays!

August is FULL of birthdays around here, so I've been busy creating some birthday cards for some very special people! Each card is inspired by the recipient, as is the gift shown below. My brother owns a karate studio in California, and so his journal and card were inspired by his passion for teaching, living, and breathing karate.

This was my first attempt at altering a composition book, and while I learned a lot, I was very happy with the end result-but I will alter the inside of the covers next time as well. Of course, if the journal was for a girl there would be a lot more embellishment...but guys tend to like simplicity, so I forced myself to call it good with three different types of paper and two ribbons colors. I also embellished the front by embossing a stamp, and adhering two Chinese coins I had in my stash for a Taiwan album that I'll make...someday! I also stamped my own red chop in the lower right hand corner, my brother will appreciate this, and perhaps be inspired to add his own chop to the cover in his seal of approval! Love you big brother!

We also had some younger birthdays, so I made these three birthday cards for some very special cousins:

In the above photo, I tried something new-I customized these brad to the card. I used copper embossing powder on the Happy Birthday sentiment, and wanted my brads to match. So, I dipped each brad in embossing ink, then the powder, and embossed them. Each took two layers, although that was more operator error (dropping them on the paper towel, which rubbed some of the wet color off, oops). If you try this, MAKE SURE you hold the brad with some tweezers, these little guys get hot!

Is this purple ruffled ribbon yummy or what?!
With all of this creating, my scrap room/home office is a mess, I'm off to tidy it up a bit! Please feel free to leave me a comment or link of what you've been creating lately, or tips on how you keep your creative space organized and clean!

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